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Roma Dental Clinic with its activity and experience with special and experienced specialists in the field of dental services, including: dental prosthesis, dental implants, dental surgery, dental restoration, pediatric teeth, cosmetic teeth and endodontics (root canal treatment) to provide services to its customers Gives. You can contact the clinic by contacting us or booking a website appointment.

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Roma Dental Clinic tries its best to satisfy its clients and maintain their health with the following services. By entering any of the following services, you can get enough information for that service and proceed through communication channels. Make an appointment for advice and reservations.

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    Members of Roma Clinic

    Dr. Akbar Fazel | Dentist surgeon specializing in dentures

    • Prosthodontist
    • Oral and Maxillofacial Prosthetics Fellowship from the University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
    • Faculty member of Tehran University
    • More than five decades of activity in the field of implants and dentures

    Dr. Babak Mohammadi

    • Dentist and maxillofacial surgeon from the University of Tehran
    • University faculty member
    • More than two decades of activity in the field of maxillofacial surgery and dental implants

    Dr. Azadeh Fazel

    • Dental surgeon graduated from the University of Tehran
    • More than two decades of activity in the field of pediatric dentistry
    • Take advanced courses in the field of child behavioral control in treatment

    Dr. Ismail Fazel

    • Graduated from Islamic Azad University of Tehran
    • More than two decades of activity in various fields of dentistry
    • Participate in advanced implant and cosmetic and laser dentistry courses