Tooth beauty

Tooth health and beauty is one of the most important and effective needs to have an attractive and pleasant face. On the other hand, people who have healthy and beautiful teeth are subconsciously known as more influential and sensible people. That is why the beauty of teeth is very important today and many people go to the dentist every year to beautify their teeth. Definitely taking care of your teeth and using toothbrushes and floss is one of the most basic things that you should pay attention to in order to have beautiful teeth. But in many cases, smoking, nutrition, etc. may cause the loss of the beauty of the teeth. In this case, there are different ways to beautify teeth, which we will examine in the following.

The best methods of dental beauty

Teeth can be damaged for various reasons such as accident, trauma, caries, etc., which greatly affects their beauty. But fortunately today there are many different methods that are used to make your teeth more beautiful. The most common dental methods for beautifying teeth are the following:

    • Laminate : One of the most common cosmetic methods for laminating teeth is the surface They cover the top of the tooth. These veneers have high strength and can also cover gaps or cracks in the teeth. Of course, laminates have two types, ceramic and composite, which can be scaled after a while.

Bleaching is another way to beautify your teeth. Which whitens teeth using chemicals. The materials used are placed on the teeth and then the yellow and cloudy spots are removed from the surface of the teeth by laser.

  • composite : This method can be used for more beautiful teeth as well as Used to fill restored teeth. Of course, it is better to use amalgam for large and deep caries, because composites die faster.
  • Orthodontics : Definitely more beautiful than straight teeth than teeth. Which are tilted and disordered next to each other. Therefore, orthodontics can be one of the best and most popular methods used for more beautiful teeth.
  • Implants : When the tooth is completely lost and the doctor has to To pull it out, missing tooth gaps can affect the beauty of the teeth. In this case, the best way to increase the beauty of teeth is to implant them, which requires a relatively high cost to use.
  • Other methods of beautifying teeth include the use of whitening varnish, scaling, dental veneers, dental masks, enameling, dental bridges, etc. Appeared.


Hollywood smile for tooth beauty

If you have read or inquired about the beauty of your teeth, you have definitely come across a term called Hollywood smile. You may be wondering at first what this word means and how to have a Hollywood smile. This term is for coloring teeth together and whitening them. The best and most popular ways to create a Hollywood smile can be mentioned below.

    • ceramic laminate : A thin layer is placed on the tooth surface and defects Covers the teeth. There is no need to shave teeth in this method.
    • Dental veneers: These veneers can cover more imperfections and They cover more teeth than Venice.
    • Dental bridge: When a tooth decays between two teeth and from If lost, two healthy teeth are used as a bridge and a veneer is placed on the decayed tooth to completely cover the defect.
    • Scaling: Scaling is another method of beautifying teeth. . Which completely eliminates jaundice and plaque on the teeth and the teeth return to their original color. Of course, this method does not cover any dental damage and only removes plaque on the teeth.